Hi, I’m Elrid

Copywriter / Creative Director

The Yahoo! Frontpage is filled with news from the world. From politics to finance, from sports to celebrity gossip; there’s everything for everyone. It is the one stop for staying up-to-minute with everything that’s going on in the world. And in this information age, staying abreast is key to survival.

So visiting Yahoo! on a daily basis can be one of those good habits worth cultivating. Just like a cup of coffee kick starts everyone’s day, we positioned Yahoo! as the habit that everyone wakes up to, anytime of the day. So we tried doing just that by turning our services into a product?

A live billboard ticker that displays all the headlines from the Yahoo! Frontpage.

Yahoo! Alarm App
A simple alarm clock app that when turned off starts reading out news bites off the Yahoo! Frontpage without the user having to click another button.