Hi, I’m Elrid

Copywriter / Creative Director

When you read more, you acquire a wealth of knowledge. When you acquire more knowledge,
you become more interesting. This allows you to better engage with everyone around you.
Reading gets you into circles beyond the understanding of your friends, acquaintances and even passers-by. But, when your friends, acquaintances and these passers-by don’t quite
understand exactly how you acquired all of this knowledge, they begin to conjure up impossible scenarios for your new-found knowledge.
Rarely do they pin it down to reading the right books that make you unexpectedly interesting. 

2x SHORTLISTs, Branded Viral Videos, MAD STARS



To remind people how reading makes them interesting, we chose to let the books do all of the talking. The book titles to be a lot more precise. We stacked popular library books to create whimsical, pithy, and sometimes profound sentences out of the book titles themselves.
A lot of library hours were clocked and necks sprained perusing the collection in writing and picking the right books to create these set of 6 headlines.