Hi, I’m Elrid

Copywriter / Senior Creative Director

Motorsport has something to offer almost all of the emotions we feel. From the anxious excitement of the starting grid, to the thrill of acceleration on a straight, to the exhilaration at the checkered flag, every part of the racetrack brings about a different emotion. It’s all of these emotions put together that pump adrenaline into the sport, the drivers, as well as the spectators.

For the 2016 Michelin Pilot Sport Experience, we wanted drivers around the region to tap into the emotions they feel when they get behind the wheel.

To ignite this conversation, Michelin created content films launched on Facebook first and then across other paid channels. The videos feature drivers from across the globe and from differen backgrounds –
Earl Bamber, winner of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans;
Claire Jedrek, Singapore’s only female race car driver and
Mike Newman, 7 times Guinness World Speed Record Holder.

Launch Film feat. Mike Newman

Film 2 feat. Earl Bamber

Film 3 feat. Claire Jedrek