Hi, I’m Elrid

Copywriter / Senior Creative Director

KIX TV is loaded with action - movies, series and combat sports. It's exactly the content that men love. However, within Singapore, not all men are familiar with KIX TV. And those who know of KIX have no clue of all the action-packed content that KIX has to offer.
We also noticed that men tend to sacrifice on watching action related content when their wives or girlfriends are around and give in to watch dramas and rom-coms.
To get men take notice of KIX TV, and in turn help them get the action therapy they deserve, we created a first-of-its-kind, limited time only promo. We gave men a reason to get their wives/girlfriends out of the house exactly during the hours of their favourite combat sport 
or action movies.

UFC TV Promo

PRINT ADS with tear-out coupons 

The Tv promo and print ads directed men and women to the KIX homepage where they had to hunt down the offers. This gave everyone who visited the website, a detailed view of the all-action content available on KIX TV. And mainly for the soothing spa-cations for women.