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Copywriter / Senior Creative Director

As an airport that has won Skytrax World’s Best Airport for 8 years in a row, there must be something oddly satisfying about the place. We chose to showcase Changi Airport through the lives of 4 special travellers. People whom we have all met at check-in counters, waiting lounges, boarding gates or maybe even on seat 48B. But through their lives we get a glimpse about what makes Changi Airport more than an airport. 
Introducing the Extreme Travellers
ROLE: Writer/Creative Director


Launch Film

InstaStory Itineraries
Not just a television commercial, we also showcased the best spots each group of our Extreme Travellers would absolutely feel at home in via Instagram Stories. We created simple itineraries and took our fans around the airport right from the comforts of their palms.

Seat 45C: Fitness Fanatics
Seat 22A, 22B, 22C, 22D, 22E, 22F: The Extended Family 

Seat 33A: InstaTravellers

Seat 1A, 1B (if it’s free)