Elrid Carvalho

Creative Director / Copywriter
Berocca Boost is an instant, natural supplement to recharge your body so you may stay alert and be on top of everything you do. Our task was to create affinity for the product with new customers and also remind our existing customers - youths and young working adults, to take it regularly. Given that social media is a major part of our lives and what we do and share on it is a reflection of ourselves, like being the first to post news on sports or other amazing discoveries, we saw an opportunity for Berocca Boost to demonstrate its benefits.
So we created Berocca Social Booster. A desktop widget that picks up the latest contents from the coolest sites in the world and let's you post it instantly on your Facebook wall. You can also customize the genre of news you like and when you 'Boost' your Facebook page, you'll also receive useful facts about the product and other funny compliments from the widget.